Woman ‘infiltrated’ by Botafogo player in hotel and collecting payments from ‘girl’ in CT: ex-director reveals behind-the-scenes stories

former director Botafogo, Andre Silva he was vice chairman of soccer, head of the delegation and at all times near the gamers. In an interview for the “Glorioso Connection” podcast on YouTube, he informed some curious behind-the-scenes stories.

One of them was with the previous midfielder Zé Roberto.

– Zé Roberto was the one player who managed to take me. When you go to play in town, you need to do all of the work, folks in the hotel take x-rays to see if there are any girls, they attempt to isolate the gamers on the ground only for them. We went to Caxias do Sul to play Juventude, it was wonderful. We did the monitoring, they stated there was a businesswoman on the ground, however she was there all week, she went to work in the morning and got here again late. The downside was, as a result of there was quite a lot of fog, it was not recognized whether or not there could be a match or not. We went to the stadium. The flight was rescheduled to Porto Alegre the following day. The match came about in the fog, it was 0:0, nothing might be seen. The subsequent day we needed to go to Porto Alegre and Zé Roberto did not come down. I went to my room, his mattress was made. They begin trying, trying, it was in the room of the businesswoman. It was truly undercover, he put it there per week earlier than (laughs). He was the one one… He met us on the airport alone, informed the reality. Of course, he was fined, deducted from his wage, André Silva recalled.

Another story the place the identify of the player was not revealed was the cost of an uncommon service in entrance of CT Botafogo.

– I used to be sleeping, my telephone rings at 5 in the morning. He was the goalkeeper on the entrance to soccer in General Severiano, very severe, former worker, evangelical. The physician referred to as me and requested for forgiveness for calling. He stated he was in severe hassle with two “women” who labored for so-and-so and did not receives a commission. “They say they’ll anticipate the press to inform them,” as a result of he had coaching in the morning. I went there, everybody wished 10 thousand R$. I stated that is unimaginable, that is blackmail, they threatened to talk to the press. I used to be mad on the actor too. I did not load that a lot, he pays, it wasn’t me or the membership. We agreed on R$ 5 thousand every, however I could not withdraw till after 7 am. I needed to go to work ratatá in the home of administrators and vice-presidents to pay the “women”. Then we managed to get the “women” out earlier than the press arrived. Then I informed him “you had the costliest fuck of your life”. In reality, he by no means acquired a full wage, it was regular for him, the previous presenter stated.

Another episode occurred in the preseason.

– I had one other player, I actually pissed him off, he was already the vice chairman. We labored pre-season in Niterói, with Caio Martins, and we stayed in a hotel. We had no cash. In the morning, the actor was not in the room. Two gamers at all times slept, we requested the opposite, however in no case does the player betray the player. Anderson (Barros, soccer supervisor) calls me, I’m going there to see the images from the hotel cameras. There had been two towers, the player leaves the tower at 9pm and talks to the safety guard, the safety guard stated he stated he was going to speak to Ney Franco and he truly goes into the room and wastes time. He leaves the bus schedule 5 minutes late, carrying flip-flops. I ask him what occurred, he says “nothing”. I did not know we had footage. I stated this was his probability to inform the reality. But he banked, stated he did nothing. Then Anderson stated he noticed him in the room and requested, “Did you see him on the balcony? I slept there.” Except the man was large, the porch was smaller than a desk, and in January he had a wall-mounted air conditioner that vented the warmth outdoors. I stated, “Do you imply you went from sleeping in a mattress, in an air conditioner, to sleeping on a balcony, on a tough ground, with native heating and air con?”. He replied “That’s proper”. I added “That’s good, I’m sending you away since you’re silly, I like working with a sensible actor”. we ship away – he added.

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