three bets will win a prize of R$394 thousand in the tournament

Three single bets Goiânia – GO, Uberlandia – MG a Hao Paulo-SP the 15 scores of the 2617 competitors, held tonight (19), in São Paulo, have been right. The profitable numbers are 01-03-05-06-07-08-10-11-12-13-17-18-22-24-25. According to Caixa, the winners will obtain a prize of R$394,360.32 every.

In addition to the predominant prize, Lotofácil has 387 bets with 14 strokes – a half that has a completely different worth. In this worth, every individual acquired R$915.70.

With a whole assortment of BRL 18,293,075.00, Caixa additionally acquired 12,574 bets and 13 hits, 139,084 and 12 hits and 699,773 and 11 picks.

Caixa will host the Lotofácil 2617 competitors tomorrow (twentieth). The occasion will be broadcast on-line through Caixa’s YouTube channel beginning at 8 pm (Brazilian time), and the prize pool is R$ 1.5 million.

How to take part in the subsequent Lotofácil prize?

You can place your wager on Lotofácil as much as one hour earlier than cost at the official lottery retailers and on the Caixa official web site. In different phrases, you’ll be able to register your recreation till 19:00 on the day of cost. There are 25 numbers accessible and bets are positioned on video games of 15 to twenty chosen tens. The lowest wager now prices BRL 2.50 and the highest is over BRL 38,700. You also can use “Little Surprise” to let the system decide the numbers for you.

What are the probabilities of profitable a Lotofácil bag?

With a minimal wager (R$ 2.50), enjoying 15 tens, the likelihood of hitting all of them is one in about 3.3 million. Playing with ten others, the worth of the recreation will improve to R$ 40, however the odds will improve: it will be one in lower than 204 thousand. Those who wager on 20 numbers improve their probabilities of profitable to at least one in 211. Lotofácil additionally has prizes for many who match 14, 13, 12 and 11 signal. With the smallest wager, the likelihood of profitable the R$5 prize is one in 11.

How does the Lotofácil pool work?

Lotofácil has a swimming pool for teams. The minimal cost provided by Caixa in this case is R $ 10, and the locations for every participant should begin at R $ 3. In bets with 15 numbers, the quantity of house allowed to range between two and eight. With 20 tens, as much as 100 shares are allowed. It is feasible to put as much as ten bets per gap between 15 and 18 tens. On the nineteenth, the quantity is down to 6. Playing 20 numbers, just one wager is allowed.

Any extra doubts? See solutions to questions on Lotofácil.

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