The NEW WITHRAWAL PIS will be issued today (21); see how to check the calendar

Appropriate personnel PIS base 12 months 2019 the profit can nonetheless be taken this September.

The values ​​have been obtainable to workers since March 29 this 12 months. However, since many haven’t but paid the quantity, the federal authorities has delayed the withdrawals till December 29.

To pay the profit, staff could make a proper request to the Ministry of Labor in the following methods:

  • Through the Alô Trabalhador name middle, by calling 158;
  • By e-mail, ship the request to the deal with, changing “uf” with the acronym of the state the place the individual lives;
  • Through the Digital Service Card (CTPS) utility; or
  • By the Portal

How do I do know if I’m entitled to a profit?

For PIS (non-public firm workers):

  • In the Accounts Payable App;
  • At the web site from the field;
  • Through the Caixa service telephone: 0800 726 0207.

About Pasep (public server):

  • By calling the Banco do Brasil name middle: 4004-0001 (giant cities and concrete areas);
  • 0800 729 0001 (different cities);
  • 0800 729 0088 (listening to impaired).

Who will get PIS base 12 months 2019?

To be eligible for PIS, workers should meet the following necessities:

  • Has been registered with PIS for at the least 5 years;
  • Have labored with a proper contract for greater than 30 days in 2019;
  • In 2019, month-to-month funds have been obtained up to twice as low;
  • Update information in the Annual Report on Social Information (RAIS)/eSocial;
  • The 2019 time beyond regulation bonus has not but been taken.

How do I do know my PIS quantity?

The PIS quantity can be present in the following methods:

  • company of Federal Savings Bank (CEF);
  • National Register of Social Information (CNIS);
  • Identity Card;
  • Work and Health Care Card (CTPS);
  • Withdrawals from the Income Tax Relief Fund (FGTS).

Who labored in 2021 can get PIS / Pasep when?

In reality, what is thought at the second is that the worker who has carried out a job with a proper contract or a job in the public sector in 2021, will be eligible for the profit in the 12 months 2023 solely.

In any case, for PIS/PASEP 2021 funds, greater than R$20 billion ought to be obtainable to 23 million individuals. Therefore, the following figures ought to be included in the Budget for subsequent 12 months.

Therefore, this 12 months, the problems with the value paid 2020 and PIS/Pasep refund for many who labored in 2019 and ended up not receiving the profit.

The PIS/PASEP worth for 2023 is R$1,292

The worth of the profit varies relying on the size of service carried out. In 2023, primarily based on the outlined wage scale, the worker can earn up to R$ 1,292 (the quantity decided for the low value final 12 months).

See the forecast desk of PIS 2023:

  • 1 month of labor – R$108;
  • 2 months of labor – R$215;
  • 3 months of labor – R$323;
  • 4 months of labor – R$431;
  • 5 months of labor – R$538;
  • 6 months of labor – R$646;
  • 7 months of labor – R$754;
  • 8 months of labor – R$861;
  • 9 months of labor – R$969;
  • 10 months of labor – R$1,077;
  • 11 months of labor – R$1,184;
  • 12 months of labor – BRL 1,292.

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