The Mega-Sena 2522 will be collected and the price will increase to R $ 170 million; see you

No one bought six factors appropriately in the Mega-Sena 2522, held tonight (21) by Caixa Econômica Federal. The numbers recorded are 04-05-25-32-39-40. Because of this, the prize was collected and is now estimated at R$170 million for the subsequent prize – if it had been a successful ticket, it might be the sixth largest prize in the historical past of the lottery.

According to Caixa, 202 fortunate winners gained R$54,431.51 every. The different 17,799 registered in court docket will obtain R$882.48 every.

When is the subsequent Mega-Sena fee?

Race 2523 is scheduled for subsequent Saturday (24). The occasion will begin at 8 pm (Brazilian time) and will be broadcast on-line, on Caixa’s official YouTube channel, in addition to potential simulcast by RedeTV! (the official lottery calendar doesn’t present upfront that the drawing will be proven on open TV, as soon as a day).

How can I take part in the subsequent Mega-Sena draw?

Bets of six to 15 numbers should be positioned at Caixa’s official casinos or on the financial institution’s particular on line casino web site. All bets registered till 19:00 on the day of fee will be entered into the subsequent match.

How a lot does it price to wager on Mega-Sena?

It relies on what number of numbers you need to enter in the sport. The minimal wager price is now BRL 4.50, you have the proper to select sixty from 1 to 60. If you need to place an extra quantity to increase your probability of successful, the price of the sport will increase to BRL 31.50. In the most costly state of affairs, with 15 numbers on the wheel, the wager prices BRL 22,522.50.

What are the major prizes of Mega-Sena matches?

  • 2,150, 5/11/2019, 1 successful bets; all gadgets: BRL 289.4 million
  • 2237, 2/2/2020; two betting store; all gadgets: BRL 211.6 million
  • 1,764, 11/25/2015; 1 successful bets; all gadgets: BRL 205.3 million
  • 1,772, 12/22/2015; two betting store; all gadgets: BRL 197.4 million
  • 2,463, 03/19/2022; two betting store; all gadgets: BRL 189.3 million
  • 1,655, 11/22/2014; two betting store; all gadgets: BRL 135.3 million
  • 2161, 6/19/2019; 1 successful bets; all gadgets: BRL 124.2 million
  • 2,189, 9/18/2019: 1 successful bets; all gadgets: BRL 120 million
  • 1220, 10/6/2010; 1 successful bets; all gadgets: BRL 119.1 million
  • 1,486, 05/31/2022; 1 successful bets; all gadgets: BRL 117.5 million
  • 1,575, 2/19/2014; 1 successful bets; all gadgets: BRL 111.5 million

And what are my probabilities of successful the Mega-Sena?

This additionally varies relying on the variety of tens in your wager. At minimal (R$ 4.50), with six numbers, the probability of hitting all the drawn balls and successful the greatest prize is one in 50,063,860. Playing an extra ten (R$ 31.50), will increase the danger. It will be one in 7,151,980. Anyone keen to pay greater than R$ 22,500 on a wager with 15 tens will have an opportunity in 10,003 to seize all of it and develop into a millionaire.

How does the pool that Caixa sells in the lotteries work?

These sweepstakes are organized by Caixa approved winners. These are group funds with a minimal price set at R $ 10 in the case of Mega-Sena. The minimal fee per participant is R$5. In this case, there might be an extra service cost of 35% of the quota worth. The Mega-Sena pool can be from two to 100 shares. In every pool, ten totally different bets can be positioned.

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