The Manchester City team-mate was allegedly involved with Mendy in the rape of a teenager, the website claims

In addition to left-back Benjamin Mendy, Manchester City’s English midfielder Jack Grealish would even be current on the similar day. a teenager was abused by the French. According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, the revelation was given by the sufferer throughout the listening to held on Friday.

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The 17-year-old, who has not been recognized, instructed the listening to that Grealish was additionally there on the evening of the offenses and that the English membership “did not like” the launch of photos taken there. the press, proving their presence in the White China nightclub. Former Matturie participant Louis Saha can be being charged.

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During the listening to, the teenager said that the athletes left the nightclub and went to Mendy’s home, accompanied by a group of ladies. Upon arrival, they needed to go away their cell telephones at the entrance.

He stated Matturie’s rape of one other 23-year-old sufferer occurred in a automobile when the ex-player went to purchase drinks at a fuel station as a result of Grealish “requested for extra vodka”.

– I requested him what occurred, however he was utterly weakened. He instructed me that he slept in the automobile and awoke with the feeling that he was being penetrated – stated the witness, that he couldn’t name for assist as a result of he was with out a mobile phone.

She additionally claimed that Mendy raped her twice throughout the evening, when he took her to an workplace and locked the door.

– We do not speak about intercourse both earlier than or after. There was nothing to recommend, at that second, that we had been about to take motion. Meanwhile, he was telling me issues like “this isn’t a 17-year-old woman’s physique, this isn’t a 17-year-old woman’s ass, I would like you each day.”

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The sufferer later picked up the lady Matturie abused in the automobile, who she stated had intercourse with Jack Grealish.

– I do not know if it was agreed or not, however he instructed me that it occurred. It was after she was with Ben (Mendy) as a result of then she slept with him too. He was taken to a room with Ben – he stated. The teenager additionally claims that Matturie raped her on the similar day, in a dwelling cinema.

+ Benjamin Mendy pleads “responsible” to rape allegations

Mendy pleaded “not responsible” to rape and assault on Monday. Six ladies have accused the 27-year-old participant of alleged crimes in 2018 in the English county of Cheshire.

Mendy spent most of 2021 in pre-trial detention and was launched in January this 12 months. The French aspect has been topic to judicial management till the trial of the case, which is scheduled for July 25. Manchester City suspended the participant in August final 12 months.


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