The average gas price at gas stations is below R$5 for the first time since February 2021

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The average price of standard gasoline at the pumps additionally decreased by 1.4% this week, mentioned this Friday (sixteenth) the National Agency of Petroleum, Biofuels and Natural Gas (ANP).

The official survey covers the interval between September 11 and 17, when gas was offered at R $ 4.97 per liter, in comparison with R $ 5.04 measured throughout the week of the previous.

Therefore, the average price of gasoline at gas stations has dropped below R$5.00 for the first time since the starting of final 12 months. The final time it occurred, in keeping with the ANP, was on February 20, 2021, when the price of a liter of gasoline was, on average, R$4.91.

This is the twelfth week that the price of this gas to shoppers has fallen from the earlier peak of R$7.39, recorded in the final week of June. Since then, greater than two and a half months, the price of gasoline has already dropped by 32.7% at gas stations.

Before the price started to drop, nonetheless, gasoline has elevated by 70.6% at gas stations since January 2019, the starting of the authorities of Jair Bolsonaro. So, gasoline was offered in the nation at an average price of R$4.33 per liter in keeping with ANP.

So, authorities jobs haven’t but paid for the inflation that occurred in the first three and a half years of presidency.

The latest downward spiral started on June 24, when the federal authorities accredited a regulation that restricted ICMS fuels to 17% throughout the nation. Then, in the months of July, August and September, costs continued to fall as a result of the fourth discount in costs that Petrobras is doing in its capital operations, which can be progressively despatched to the pumps by the merchants.

The drop in pumps this week is as a result of the newest restructuring of Petrobras, which decreased the price to distributors by 7% on September 2.

The discount in gas taxes and the authorities’s means to Petrobras to scale back prices to refineries, the authorities’s means to reply to constituencies and hold inflation near elections. Due to the drop in worldwide costs for oil and its merchandise.

Average price of diesel

In the week between September 11 and 17, the ANP reported, the average price of S10 diesel at Brazilian gas stations dropped barely to R$ 6.94 from R$ 6.96 the week earlier than nonetheless, a lower of 0.2%.

Since the 17% ceiling of the ICMS imposed on June 24, diesel has been adjusted downwards at Petrobras refineries twice. Like gasoline, it additionally fell for 12 consecutive weeks and has amassed a 9.6% lower in the average price of a liter, from R$7.68 at the starting of the cycle to R$6.94 now.

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