Seven cities in Mato Grosso lead the value of Brazilian jobs

Mato Grosso depend to seven councils out of ten and the highest manufacturing values ​​of the Brazilian agricultural product in 2021. Last 12 months, the manufacturing of the authorities created BRL 151.7 billionfor 20.4% of the value of agriculture from the floor. The video leads for the third 12 months consecutive.

The information from Urban Agriculture Project (PAM) 2021 surveyrevealed on Thursday (15), by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

IBrazilian agricultural merchandise in 2021 reached a manufacturing value of BRL 743.3 billiona development of 58.6% in comparison with the actions recorded in the earlier 12 months. The quantity is taken into account a file.

According to the IBGE examine, the manufacturing value of BRL 151.7 billion has been written in Mato Grosso represents a enhance of 91.5% in comparison with 2020.

Rio Grande do Sul reached R$90.8 billion, up 138.4%. In third place, the state of São Paulo seems with R $ 84.1 billion and a development of 23.7%.

Video is the information

According to the IBGE, of the 50 cities with the highest manufacturing valueall of 26 in Mato Grosso and 6 in Goiás, uniting the Center-West area as the engine of the nation’s agriculture.

Among the cities that stay in the checklist of the ten largestO chief in the value of agricultural manufacturing, for the third consecutive 12 months, Sorriso, has achieved BRL 9.9 billionas soon as most of 86.4% earlier than 2020. Then it can come Hapezal and BRL 9.06 billion a most of 111.6% in the 12 months.

It’s additionally in cost Campo Novo do Parecis in fourth place with R $ 7.5 billion. Nova Ubiratã is in seventh place with BRL 5.8 billion a Nova Mutum is ninth with R$5.31 billion.

They are half of the Rio Verde checklist (GO) with R$ 7.7 billion, an annual enhance of 131.1%, and are in third place. In addition to the cities of São Desiderio in sixth place with R $ 6.3 billion and Formosa do Rio Preta in eighth place with R $ 5.5 billion.

soybean export

Photo: Claudio Neves/Port of Paranaguá

Diamantino and Querência rose via the ranks

According to the IBGE, Diamantino recorded R $ 6.4 billion in manufacturing value. One enhance of 125.3% in 2021, which allowed the council to rise from tenth to fifth place.

Already Querência jumped from 18th place to tenth placeregular enhance of 144.9%, registered R$ 5.30 billion.

Soy attracts most of the cities of Mato Grosso

Soybean is the product that elevated the value of agriculture in Mato Grosso amongst the cities that seem in the checklist of the prime ten producers. Inside Smiling the oil seed accountable for BRL 4.9 billion of manufacturing value.

In Campo Novo do Parecis, wheat is accountable for R $ 3.2 billion, in Diamantino for R $ 3.3 billion, Nova Ubiratã R $ 3.2 billion, Nova Mutum R $ 3.2 billion and Querência R $ 3.2 billion.

Already entered Or Sapezal yarn it’s accountable for 50.3% of the value of agricultural manufacturinga complete of R$ 4.5 billion.

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