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The 2022 Brazil Championship returns to the area right now (6) with ten groups quickly to enter. São Paulo x Flamengo, Morumbin, at 20:30 (from Brasília), and Avaí x Corinthians, at 19:00, Timão will go to Ressacada to comply with the chief Palmeiras.

Tomorrow (7), will probably be the flip of Abel Ferreira’s workforce to attempt to get a fifth consecutive victory in the competitors, to proceed with a snug benefit at the high – the match is at Allianz, at 16:00.

Apart from Corinthians, one other workforce following Palmeiras intently is Fluminense, who have no idea what it’s prefer to lose 9 video games and are relying on their followers to beat Cuiabá at the Maracanã, additionally at 16:00.

Also this Sunday, already in the night, two extra matches have shaken the second leg of the round: Fortaleza x Internacional, in Castelão, at 18:00, and Atlético-MG x Athletico, in Mineirão, at 19:00.

The twenty first day of the Brasileirão will finish on Monday (8), with the duel between (*21*) and Santos, in Couto Pereira, at 20:00.

And as occurs each week, the columnists UOL Sport they referred to as and gave guesses about the foremost matches of the round. Review:


Avai vs Corinthians

Alicia Klein – Raffle
Amara Moira – Avaí
Danilo Lavieri – Draw
Julio Gomes – Corinthians
Menon – Draw
Milly Lacombe – To the Corinthians
Milton Neves – Avaí
Renato Maurício Prado – Lottery
Rodolfo Rodrigues – To the Corinthians
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – To the Corinthians

Sao Paulo vs Flamengo

Alicia Klein – Flamengo
Amara Moira – Draw
Danilo Lavieri – Flamengo
Julio Gomes – Sao Paulo
Menon – Sao Paulo
Milly Lacombe – Draw
Milton Neves – Draw
Renato Mauricio Prado – Flamengo
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Sao Paulo
Rodrigo Coutinho – Flamengo
Vitor Guedes – Draw

Botafogo vs Ceará

Alicia Klein – Raffle
Amara Moira – Botafogo
Danilo Lavieri – Botafogo
Julio Gomes – Botafogo
Menon – Ceará
Milly Lacombe – Botafogo
Milton Neves – Draw
Renato Mauricio Prado – Botafogo
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Botafogo
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Botafogo


Fluminense vs Cuiabá

Alicia Klein – Fluminense
Amara Moira – Fluminense
Danilo Lavieri – Fluminense
Julio Gomes – Fluminense
Menon – Fluminense
Milly Lacombe – Fluminense
Milton Neves – Fluminense
Renato Mauricio Prado – Fluminense
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Fluminense
Rodrigo Coutinho – Fluminense
Vitor Guedes – Fluminense

Palmeiras vs Goiás

Alicia Klein – Palmeiras
Amara Moira – Palmeiras
Danilo Lavieri – Palmeiras
Julio Gomes – Palmeiras
Menon – Draw
Milly Lacombe – Palmeiras
Milton Neves – Palmeiras
Renato Mauricio Prado – Palmeiras
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Palmeiras
Rodrigo Coutinho – Palmeiras
Vitor Guedes – Palmeiras

Fortaleza x International

Alicia Klein – Fortaleza
Amara Moira – Fortaleza
Danilo Lavieri – Fortaleza
Julio Gomes – Fortaleza
Menon – Fort
Milly Lacombe – Fortaleza
Milton Neves – Draw
Renato Mauricio Prado – Fortaleza
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Fortaleza
Rodrigo Coutinho – Fortaleza
Vitor Guedes – Fortaleza

Atlético MG vs Atlético

Alicia Klein – Raffle
Amara Moira – Draw
Danilo Lavieri – Draw
Julio Gomes – Atletico MG
Menon – Atletico-MG
Milly Lacombe – Draw
Milton Neves – Atletico-MG
Renato Mauricio Prado – Atletico-MG
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Draw
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Draw


(*21*) x Santos

Alicia Klein – Santos
Amara Moira – Santos
Danilo Lavieri – Santos
Julio Gomes – (*21*)
Menon – (*21*)
Milly Lacombe – Draw
Milton Neves – Santos
Renato Mauricio Prado – Santos
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Santos
Rodrigo Coutinho – (*21*)
Vitor Guedes – (*21*)

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