Procon-SP informs Nestlé about the milk version of ‘blended milk’

Procon-SP knowledgeable Nestlé Brasil this Wednesday (21) to ask for clarification on the distinction between its merchandise, after the firm began promoting a smaller version of its well-known lei well-known, Leite Moça, and that model.

need that InformationMoneyNestlé Brasil didn’t touch upon the announcement till the publication of this report.

The package deal is similar to the conventional product, and the new construction is described solely under. (see picture under)there have been objections from many shoppers.

“After the McPicanha with out the picanha and the Whopper with out the ribs, it is time for the Enchanted milk mistaken Nestlé. Are we loopy?”, one netizen wrote on Twitter at the time. “It’s Picanha, but it surely’s not, it is yogurt, but it surely’s not. Let’s cease promoting, it isn’t the very first thing, good asses can assist themselves”, mentioned one other.


According to Procon-SP, the firm should clarify, till subsequent Monday (26), the distinction between “Milk Milk, Serum Milk and Starch – Girls” and “Milk Milk – Girls” and “Milk” Cream Mix – Girls” and “Original Milk Cream – Girls”.

“The unique cream and milk Moça is a product of the model recognized in the client market with the merchandise ‘Mixtura Láctea Condensada De Leite, Sero De Leite e Amido – Moça’ and ‘Mixtura De Creme De Leite – Moça’ It is on the market in a presentation much like these of these originals, which can trigger issues for the buyer”, says, in a word, the enterprise.

“Procon-SP could be very curious about the enhance in the provide of merchandise which might be much like the conventional ones, that are provided to the public in the identical packages, It can mislead the buyer, main him to suppose that he’s shopping for and consuming one other product.“, he mentioned. “Clear, truthful and sincere info is one of the fundamental rights supplied by the Consumer Protection Code”.

What does Procon-SP need?

The company linked to the authorities of São Paulo states that Nestlé “should present the traits of every product, and present the variations in diet and particular person indications for the diet of every product, along with exhibiting in paperwork equivalent to stories, promoting supplies and product bulletins.

The firm should current the dietary tables of every merchandise, the proportion of every ingredient and the packaging (pattern) of every presentation type (field and labels) as it’s obtainable to the buyer.

They have been additionally requested to current paperwork associated to the authorization of the advertising of the merchandise with the competent our bodies and paperwork exhibiting the high quality assessments carried out, exhibiting the methodology of administration, packaging and at specified occasions.

10 different respected corporations

Procon-SP additionally says that, along with Nestlé, 10 different corporations in the meals sector have been knowledgeable about the traits of the merchandise they placed on the market and their presentation to the client, equivalent to Vigor and Itambé.

The corporations notified (and their merchandise) are:

  1. Companhia de Alimentos Ibituruna (producer of UHT milk drink Hello)
  2. Cooperativa Central Mineira de Laticínios – Cemil (UHT Performance milk drink)
  3. Doce Mineiro (Triângulo Mineiro UHT milk drink)
  4. Gran Foods Indústria e Comércio Eireli (producers of Do Chef’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
  5. Itambé Alimentos (produces Itambé Grated Parmesan Cheese)
  6. Trevo de Casa Branca Dairy (producer of Aquila UHT milk drink)
  7. Bela Vista Dairy (maker of MeuBom UHT milk drink)
  8. Oceanic Commerce of Foodstuffs (produces Crioulo Cheese Grated Latco)
  9. Tella Barros commerce and import of chilly merchandise and milk (Supremo Creamy Requeijão Flavor)
  10. Vigor Alimentos Leco (Food on Leco Extra Creamy Butter and Margarine)

According to the client safety division, the corporations’ responses have already began and are presently being analyzed.

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