How much will the minimum wage be in 2023 with no real inflation?

In this yr’s presidential marketing campaign, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) promised that he would be in a position to pay a major improve in the minimum wage for 2023. After his election, his staff all the time mentioned he might make it occur. the promise. But what if he doesn’t fulfill this settlement?

According to Federal Law, the authorities should improve the minimum wage yearly, at the very least in line with inflation. Therefore, even when Lula cannot fulfill his promise to pay for the real improve, he ought to give a rise at the very least in line with the improve. And what’s the worth of contemplating this example?

According to the finances plan offered by the authorities of Bolsonaro to the National Congress, it’s thought-about that the improve of 2022 solely, when it was indicated at 7.41%, signifies a zero improve from the R $ 1,212 to the present R $ 1,302. January 2023. However, predictions have modified.

Today, the inflation forecast for the yr is already decrease than the present authorities’s estimate, reaching 6%. Therefore, if Lula shouldn’t be in a position to pay the promise to offer a real improve in the minimum wage, the worth for 2023 will improve from the present R$ 1,212 to R$ 1,285, i.e. , R$ 17 lower than presently anticipated. .

This is a scenario that the new authorities doesn’t wish to occur. In latest interviews, Senator Wellington Dias (PT-PI), certainly one of Lula’s most vital allies, revealed that the president-elect’s plan is to think about the earlier inflation and the Income Total (GDP) of the final 5 years to offer real inflation. .


It will not be simple for the elected authorities to meet its promise to pay a considerable improve in the minimum wage. The Technology features a sequence of statements and agreements in the National Congress in a brief time period.

The first step is to validate the PEC Exchange. The article in query offers with the deduction of Brazil Aid expenditure from the public expenditure ceiling. By ratifying the doc, the elected authorities will have extra room in the official finances.

Within this finances house the president-elect can improve the minimum wage to R $ 1,320 in 2023. If so, a brand new settlement will be required in the Senate and the Chamber to extend this worth.

What is the real improve in the minimum wage?

The precise minimum wage improve is the one that doesn’t bear in mind the earlier yr’s improve to find out this degree. The follow turned extra common throughout the PT and Michel Temer (MDB) governments.

In Bolsonaro’s administration, the possibility is to boost the minimum wage just for inflation, which implies no real improve in worth for 4 years.

In follow, with a major improve in the minimum wage, residents start to see a rise in employment, as their incomes improve greater than what’s formally recorded in wages. of services and products.

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