Group C: Six of the nine teams fighting for relegation are from the Northeast; three of them are in Z-4 | brasileirão c series

Two rounds from the finish of the qualification section, when the 4 relegated teams can be determined, the Série C do Brasileiro is in dire straits for Northeast followers. Six of the nine teams with an opportunity of relegation are from the Northeast: Altos, Confiança, Floresta, Atlético-CE, Ferroviário and Campinense. Right now, three of them are in Z-4, the web site for the 2023 Series D.

  • Qualified Paysandu, the bounce of Figueirense, the nearly outlined Z-4 and the powerful G-8 warmth up the final stretch

Thus, North-Eastern golf equipment are 66% of the teams in hazard of relegation. Series C began the 2022 version with nine teams from the northeast. While Altos, Confiança, Floresta, Atlético-CE, Ferroviário and Campinense are fighting to flee from Z-4, ABC and Botafogo-PB are in G-8, the group certified for the entry quadrangle. Vitoria-Gasteiz is eleventh, and this trio has no extra likelihood of taking place.

Campinense x Ferroviário in Serie C: the teams are collectively in Z-4 — Photo: Samy Oliveira / Campinense

Currently in Z-4, Brasil de Pelotas is the lamppost with 14 factors. Before the Gautxo group, comply with: Campinense [19º, 15 pontos]the railway [18º, 16 pontos] and Atletico-CE [17º, com 19 pontos]. Above the relegation zone, Forest [16º, 19 pontos]; confidence [15º, 20 pontos] and tall [14º, 21 pontos].

The Department of Mathematics of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) carried out a survey exhibiting the geeks of relegation and rating chances. See the relegation proportion of every North-East membership in Serie C:

  • Campinense: 94.4%
  • Train: 91.1%
  • Atletico-CE: 47.7%
  • Forest: 38.4%
  • Confidence: 21.4%
  • High: 3.6%

Completing the checklist in hazard of relegation, in addition to Brasil de Pelotas, final positioned and with a 98.8% likelihood of relegation, Ypiranga-RS [2.4%] and Manaus [2.2%]. Both have 22 factors and occupy the twelfth and thirteenth positions, respectively.

Altos is the group with the least likelihood of relegation amongst the North-Easterners. The alligator has solely a 3.6% threat. With 21 factors, there may be nonetheless a distant likelihood of qualifying for the second stage [2,4% de avançar].

Floresta x Confiança: the teams combat to not fall — Photo: Ronaldo Oliveira / ASCOM Floresta EC

Serie C has gained a brand new regulation this 12 months: all 20 teams face one another in one spherical. The first eight go to the second stage, the final 4 are dropped. From 2012 to 2021, Série C regionalized two teams.

See the matches of the subsequent spherical of Serie C

  • Atlético-CE x Botafogo-SP, 15:00, Domingão Stadium, Horizonte
  • ABC x São José, 17:00, Frasqueirão Stadium, Natal
  • Ypiranga-RS x Manaus, at 18:00, Colosso da Lagoa, Erechim
  • Altos x Paysandu, at 19:00, Lindolfo Monteiro, Teresina
  • Brasil-RS vs Confiança, 11:00, Bento Freitas Stadium, Pelotas
  • Floresta vs Campinense, 15:00, Presidente Vargas Stadium, Fortaleza;
  • Remo x Aparecidense, at 17:00, at the Baenão stadium, in Belém;
  • Mirassol x Vitória, at 19:00, at the José Maria de Campos Maia stadium, in Mirasol;
  • Volta Redonda x Ferroviário, 20:00, at the Raulino de Oliveira stadium, Volta Redonda.

Monday (August 8)

  • Botafogo-PB x Figueirense, 20:00 at the Almeidão stadium, João Pessoa.

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