follow the results of the finals of the tournament in Las Vegas in real time

Sunday (18) guarantees to be historic with the second and ultimate day in Las Vegas (USA). ADCC 2022. Grappling followers will meet the champions in males (66kg, 77kg, 88kg, 99kg and as much as +99kg) and girls (as much as 60kg and +60kg). In addition, the absolute and tremendous battle between males André Galvão and Gordon Ryan.

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TATAME will cowl all the particulars of the decisive day of ADCC 2022 in real time. The occasion will begin at 15:00 (Brazilian time).


Absolute (Octave ultimate)

Nick Rodriguez beat Andy Varela 17-0 in factors
Yuri Simões He defeated Lachlan Giles by determination at 0-0
Roberto Cyborg He beat Elder Cruz 3-0 on factors
Victor Hugo completed Fabricio Andrey in 8m34s
Felipe Preguiça He beat Roberto Jimenez 13-2 on factors
Presented by Tye Ruotolo Pedro Marinho in 8m48s
Giancarlo Bodoni introduced Haisam Rida 4m08s
Nicholas Meregali completed Vinicius Trator in 5m04s

Quarter finals
Yuri Simões He defeated Nick Rodriguez by determination of the referee in 0-0 factors
Roberto Cyborg defeat Victor Hugo 2-0 factors
Defeated Tye Ruotolo Felipe Preguiça After 0-0 factors attributable to a penalty
Nicholas Meregali He beat Giancarlo Bodoni 6-2 on factors

Yuri Simões
defeat Roberto Cyborg 2-0 factors
Tye Ruotolo x Nicholas Meregali

+99 kg (semi-finals)
Gordon Ryan completed Roosevelt Sousa at 11s
He defeated Nick Rodriguez Felipe Preguiça 3-0 factors

third place match
Roosevelt Sousa defeat Felipe Preguiça in line with WO

the ultimate
Gordon Ryan launched Nick Rodriguez 2m15s

-99 kg (semi-finals)
Kaynan Duarte Rafael Lovato Jr. he defeated in line with the determination of the referees in 0-0 factors
He defeated Craig Jones Nicholas Meregali in line with the determination of the referees in 0-0 factors

third place competitors
Nicholas Meregali Rafael Lovato Jr. he defeated for 2 penalties

the ultimate
Kaynan Duarte He beat Craig Jones 12-0 in factors

-88 kg (semi-finals)
Giancarlo Bodoni launched Eogham O’Flanagan in 2m18s
Lucas the Hulk defeat Wagner Rocha in line with the determination of the referees in 0-0 factors

third place match
Wagner Rocha Eogham O’Flanagan completed in 9m43s

the ultimate
He launched Giancarlo Bodoni Lucas the Hulk in 14m10s

-77 kg (semi-finals)

Kade Ruotolo submitted PJ Barch 8m24s
Mica Galvão He beat Dante Leoni 2-0 on penalties

third place match
Dante Leon submitted PJ Barch 8m46s

the ultimate
He launched Kade Ruotolo Mica Galvão at 11:51

-66 kg (semifinals)
Reis says He beat Josh Cisnero 2-0 on factors
Gabriel Sousa defeat Diego Pato in line with the determination of the referees in 0-0 factors

third place competitors
Diego Pato
defeat Josh Cisnero for a punishment

the ultimate
Reis says defeat Gabriel Sousa 3-0 factors

-60 kg (semi-finals)
Defeated Brianna Ste-marie Bia Basilio 4-0 factors
Defeated Ffion Davies Beatriz Mesquita 6-0 factors

third place match
Beatriz Mesquita completed Bia Basilio in 3m52s

the ultimate
Ffion Davies beat Brianna Ste-marie 10-0 with factors

+60 kg (semi-finals)
He defeated Amy Campo Gabi Garcia 5-0 factors
Rafaela Guedes He defeated Kendall Reusing after hurting his opponent

third place competitors
Gabi Garcia WO defeated Kendall Reusing

the ultimate
He defeated Amy Campo Rafaela Guedes 3-2 factors

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