Find out the average price in Cascavel

A brand new product launched by CGN for the public of Cascavel, Curitiba and Balneário Camboriú (SC). This is the House Museum. CGN, web sites with hundreds of properties to hire or purchase. Only in Cascavel, at CGN The property, which has greater than 2,800 areas, is split by items and residences.

However, this new product CGN not solely is it a fantastic commercial of accessible properties, however it’s also a fantastic database of price adjustments. each month, the CGN We publish data that displays adjustments in property values, for instance, we intention to offer our web customers with present data on the actual property market.

The knowledge is obtained from the notices revealed and up to date each day by Central de Imóveis CGN.

The average price of leases in Cascavel right this moment (18), based mostly on advertisements in all areas accessible on the web site CGN home is R$1,600.00. Below is the record damaged down by class and district:

Average house rental values

  • General Average (all areas) residences solely – R$ 1,350.00
  • Average Center – BRL 2,000.00
  • Alto Alegre Media – BRL 1,450.00
  • Media Cancelli – BRL 1,400.00
  • Country Media – BRL 1,200.00
  • Media Neva – BRL 1,200.00
  • Recanto Tropical Unit – BRL 1,300.00
  • Media Workshop – BRL 850.00
  • Media Fag – BRL 1,500.00
  • Medium Coqueiral – R$ 1,100.00.

home hire

The average worth of renting a home in Cascavel is R$1,500.00, and residences for hire in the Center have the highest average worth, R$5,000.00.

  • Medium Forest – BRL 1,150.00
  • Average Alto Alegre – R$ 1,650.00
  • Average Fag – BRL 1,000.00
  • Average Snow – BRL 2,200.00
  • Average Coqueiral – BRL 2,400.00
  • Average Jardim Padovani – BRL 1,030.00
  • Medium Country – BRL 3,200.00
  • Average Santa Felicidade – BRL 1,000.00
  • Interlagos Average – BRL 1,100.00
  • University Average – BRL 2,000.00
  • Average Santa Cruz – BRL 1,300.00
  • Average Green Park – BRL 1,700.00

Commercial room rental costs

An space that reveals important variations in each day costs are business rooms, however right this moment (18) the average worth for renting a business room in Cascavel is R$2,000.00.

  • Average Center – BRL 2,400.00
  • Average Alto Alegre – R$ 1,800.00
  • Average São Cristóvão – BRL 1,000.00
  • Medium Forest – BRL 800.00

Townhouse rental values

Townhouses are extremely wanted by households and have all kinds of choices, nevertheless, resulting from excessive demand, costs are greater. The average price for a townhouse in Cascavel right this moment (18) is R$2,750.00.

Kitnet leases

The kitnet package is the most costly, and at present in Cascavel the average price for a kitnet rental is R$750.00. Note that the values ​​proven are the average of the reported values.



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