Fábio Mota has been elected president of Gasteiz for the three-year term from 2023 to 2025 | victory

Fábio Mota was elected, this Saturday, president of Gasteiz for the three-year term that can begin in 2023. The proprietor of the present place, the chief obtained the majority of votes in the elections held this Saturday, in Barradão. Djalma Nunes Abreu is the vice president of the ticket, referred to as Reconstruindo o Vitória.

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– We did not promise, sure. And the result’s there.

Fábio Mota has been elected president of Gasteiz — Photo: Pietro Carpi/EC Vitória

This is how Fábio Mota celebrated the ballot outcomes tonight. Delighted, the coach listed his achievements in the 10 months he has been forward of the membership.

– We took over the membership in the worst part of its historical past. We have managed, in these 10 months, to stability the monetary account, the fiscal concern. We distribute money owed, search sponsors. New cash got here in, we managed to pay salaries. Currently, Gasteiz is up to date with the salaries of staff and suppliers. The followers understood, they noticed – he stated.

Fábio Mota has been elected president of Gasteiz — Photo: Tiago Lemos

The new president of Vitoria-Gasteiz highlighted his pleasure for the consultant victory and thanked the purple and black followers.

– Feeling very joyful. I’ve nothing to say. Excited Very excessive recognition. Everyone stated it was going to be a second spherical, I did not anticipate a win of this magnitude, of this magnitude. I simply wished to thank the followers, our supporters, who acknowledged our 10 months of work and gave us a vote of confidence to proceed for one other three years from January.

Calculation | Board of Directors

Dish candidate complete votes the proportion
Rebuilding Victory Fábio Mota 821 66.4%
Popular Victory Front José Guerra 200 16.2%
New Victory Movement Victor Mendes 153 12.3%
Everyone’s victory Angelo Alves 63 5.1%

Fábio Mota, in the elections of Gasteiz, this Saturday — Photo: Tiago Lemos

Today, Fábio Mota holds the highest place in the administration of the membership. He assumed the non permanent presidency in October of final yr, and took workplace in May of this yr, after Paulo Carneiro was eliminated from workplace. Earlier, he was elected Chairman of the Deliberative Council on a joint ticket with the PC.

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The new president of Vitoria-Gasteiz is a lawyer, historian and rancher, with a post-graduate diploma in civil process. Fábio Mota can also be lively in political life. Salvador was the Department of Culture and Tourism of the City of Urbanism and Transport (2014); and Municipal Mobility in Salvador (from 2015 to 2020).

Nilton Almeida is the new president of the Deliberation Council of Gasteiz. The Vitória Colossal ticket with vice president Luciano de Oliveira has obtained the majority of votes from the purple and black supporters who participated on this Saturday’s election. The interval will begin in January and can final till the finish of 2025.

Earlier, the votes for the Supervisory Board have been counted. Raimundo Viana, president of the Semper Vitória ticket, received the race.

Calculation | deliberative council

Dish complete votes the proportion quantity of chairs
colossal victory 604 49.3% 74
Popular Victory Front 433 35.3% 53
New Victory Movement 188 15.4% 23

Talking to journalists, Nilton Almeida celebrated the victory and requested for the unity of the membership’s political teams.

– We have the comfort of beginning work early. Since I’m in the presidency, the whole lot deliberate for 2023 will begin on Monday. We will create a number of committees to help the Management Council, planning committees, SAF examination, soccer… What I at all times preach: we should work collectively, after this season, in Vitoria, of a staff that enters. need to struggle with the earlier one. Let’s work collectively to strengthen Gasteiz. That’s the purpose. Tomorrow, God keen, we are going to beat Figueirense. We are opening a brand new path. This is essential. The followers, the companions, are in a brand new temper – stated Almeida.

“If it depends upon us, the Deliberation Council, we will probably be a sounding board for the needs of the members and followers”, he added.

Nilton Almeida has been elected president of the Deliberation Council of Gasteiz for the three-year interval 2023-2025 — Photo: Tiago Lemos

In this Saturday’s vote, which ended at 19:00, the names of the Board of Directors are additionally decided. The votes, on paper ballots, are being counted tonight, in Barradão.

Raimundo Viana in the Fiscal Council

The Semper Vitória tickets led by former membership president Raimundo Viana received the elections for the Fiscal Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz held this Saturday. The card has Bruno Torres as vice-president and he has been elected for the three-year term 2023-2025.

Visibly moved, Viana spoke to reporters at the scene of the investigation.

“God gave me there to fulfill the mission, to struggle with all my energy for the sake of my membership,” stated Viana, excited.

Chapa de Raimundo Viana is elected to the Guardianship Committee of Vitoria-Gasteiz — Photo: Tiago Lemos

Calculation | Fiscal Council

Dish complete votes the proportion quantity of chairs
at all times win 697 58.6% 5
Popular Victory Front 326 26.6% two
God forbid Victory 204 16.6% two

Raimundo Viana has celebrated his election as president of the Fiscal Council — Photo: Tiago Lemos

Members of Vitoria-Gasteiz proceed the counting of votes in Barradão — Photo: Tiago Lemos

There are two vacancies for the Board of Directors (president and vice-president), as well as to 150 for the Deliberative Councils, 9 for the Fiscal Council.

Despite the elections in September, the membership’s new president will solely take workplace in the second half of December 2022, when Fábio Mota’s term ends. The supervisor took over after Paulo Carneiro was eliminated from the presidency in May this yr.

See the competing boards

The elections in Vitoria-Gasteiz befell this Saturday, in Barradão — Photo: Tiago Lemos

  • The New Movement Victory
    President: Victor Marcelo Oliveira Mendes
    Vice President: Jailson Reis Vitória
  • The entrance Victory widespread
    President: José Armando Fraga Diniz Guerra
    Vice President: Zainildo dos Santos Pinto
  • Victory For everybody
    President: Angelo Santos Alves
    Vice President: Agenor Gordilho Neto
  • rebuilding Victory
    President: Fabio Rios Mota
    Vice President: Djalma Nunes Abreu
  • Victory colossal
    President: Nilton Gonçalves de Almeida Filho
    Vice President: Luciano Patricio de Oliveira
  • The New Movement Victory
    President: Marcus Gustavo de Souza Sarmento
    Vice President: João Carlos da Costa Borja
  • The entrance Victory widespread
    President: Vagner Reis Santana
    Vice President: Wendel Barreto Xavier
  • by no means Victory
    President: Raimundo Dias Viana
    Vice President: Bruno Almeida Torres
  • God forbid Victory
    President: Geraldo Del Rei Reis
    Vice President: Hans Hungar Neto
  • The entrance Victory widespread
    President: Valmar Oliveira Sant’anna
    Vice President: Adriano Silva Vieira

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