City Fish Auction over R$300 thousand: will the website work once more?

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The territory of Peixe Urbano, the first and largest e-commerce firm in Brazil, was offered this Thursday (22) by BRL 310 thousand. The firm was a pioneer in the co-op purchasing development and began the coupon fever in the nation.

Despite its nice success, the Peixe Urbano platform was closed on January 28, 2021.

See, beneath, the bid that received the Peixe Urbano regional public sale:

The newsroom of Seu Crédito Digital contacted the new proprietor of the space, who stated that “the aim is to resume itself”, subsequently, Peixe Urbano will not return with well-liked low cost coupons .

Why did Peixe Urbano die?

The Peixe Urbano website was taken offline because it obtained complaints from prospects, labor lawsuits and investigative our bodies. In addition, the CEO of the firm was referred to as by Procon.

According to a former director of the firm, who gave confidential info to the website UOL, Peixe Urbano will cease paying all the wages of its staff at the starting of 2020 – earlier than the discount of funds to assist corporations affected by the Covid.-19 pandemic.

On February 2, 2021, the firm communicated by its official Twitter account, stating that the platform is experiencing a “system transition”. However, the former supervisor of Peixe Urbano stated that the collapse of the website was not on account of technical issues, however funds.

According to the newspaper “O Globo”, the CEO of Peixe Urbano, Nicolás Leonicio, stated that when he met with the employees in January, he didn’t have the cash to pay for the termination of locations.

The firm was notified by Procon

Procon-SP notified Peixe Urbano on May 7 to “acquire details about the particular person accountable for the digital service firm, comparable to phone, enterprise and digital addresses, along with the request to reply to complaints registered by prospects”.

As Procon didn’t reply to requests for info, Peixe Urbano was included in the record “Avoid These Sites“.

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Image: Peixe Urbano Publishing/Website