A mouse is born with a report; legally nothing

According to lawmaker Walter Maierovitch, the Defense Ministry’s report on the election “doesn’t point out or exhibit any unlawful acts of fraud.”

During the UOL News Today, Maierovich tried to clarify the information by quoting Aesop, a author from Ancient Greece.

“What we took from one in all Aesop’s fables is that the mountain gave delivery to a mouse. The Ministry of Defense gave delivery to a mouse. The ethical of one in all Aesop’s fables is that the one that exhibits large occasions, revolutions, virtually at all times. it.”

Maierovitch additionally talked concerning the businessmen funding the Bolsonar protests and mentioned they are going to be punished with the lack of vans if they’re convicted of violating the Constitution.

“In these instances, there is a jail sentence or a restriction of rights, and there is one other results of the trial: an settlement for the forfeiture of the instruments used within the fee of the crime.”

“The gadget used for the ban was a truck. So there is a danger for these businessmen that they are going to lose their vans”, he concluded.

Josias: Bolsonaro will burn the stays of the title of the Army

The columnist of UOL Josias de Souza mentioned the Defense Ministry’s report “was solely given for Bolsonar’s alleged functions”.

“The solely factor that the Emperor of Alvorada achieved was to burn the title of the Army, or what was left. . D’Day ‘ of goalsscoring turned Wednesday of ashes for ‘Bolsonero’ da Alvorada.”

When requested if the report would cease Bolsonar’s protests, he replied “it should cease the actions or not speak, as a result of nobody is fooling himself”.

Josias: The new TSE minister won’t profit Bolsonaro’s need for 2026

Josias additionally spoke concerning the appointment of André Ramos Tavares to the TSE (Superior Electoral Court). The lawyer is a consultant of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to the TSE.

According to Josias, the appointment of Tavares shouldn’t be totally different for Bolsonaro to have extra victories within the TSE within the subsequent elections. “A minister, from the world of seven, represents about 14%. And Bolsonaro thinks that he has 14% within the TSE. One swallow doesn’t make the summer season.”

Later, the reporter defined the character of the TSE elections. “We have confirmed, within the TSE elections, the energy of Alexandre de Moraes, who is Bolsonaro’s opponent, has been robust, not less than 4 to three. This minister can compose the this small block of three votes. an association that has no impact on what he needs”, concluded Josias.

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